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Could you be more than you imagine?

Phenomenal Woman Mission

We’ve all heard the expression anything is possible a million times, but what does that actually mean? Being the logical beings we are, it's likely that we will question the validity of this claim, but there is a much more important question I prefer to ask, What would happen if we just lived by faith and adopted a determined mindset,  instead of dousing ourselves in doubt?

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Live a life that serves you

Phenomenal Woman Mission

The daily choices we make impact our lives massively and if you are choosing wisely, then fantastic, you are living a life that serves you. The greatest part of the 'Phenomenal Woman philosophy' that we advocate, is that as women, we choose to create a life that serves us but one that also makes a positive impact on everyone around us.

However, far too often I see women holding themselves back by putting the demands of others way beyond their own needs. This not only has a negative impact on you, but leaves you turning around years later and wondering where on earth your life went. What an awful feeling to have. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting others first, when the situation requires it, but when other peoples' demands eat away at what serves your greater need, then you will sadly create yourself nothing but a limited life and that is not phenomenal at all. 

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