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Could you be more than you imagine?

Phenomenal Woman Mission



We’ve all heard the expression anything is possible a million times, but what does that actually mean? Being the logical beings we are, it's likely that we will question the validity of this claim, but there is a much more important question I prefer to ask, What would happen if we just lived by faith and adopted a determined mindset, instead of dousing ourselves in doubt?

What if we choose to make everything possible, simply by trying to? Instead of doubting and therefore, killing any possibility to succeed in the first place, what if we just decide to try and make the things we want for ourselves possible? Isn’t it better to have tried than to have not tried at all? It is indeed the first step in the journey towards personal freedom.

Taking responsibility, for creating possibility in your life is certainly one of the most important tasks on your to-do list. No matter what the naysayers say. So don't put a big fat cross through your dreams just because they 'seem,' or you have been told, that they are impossible?

The most successful people on the planet firmly believe everything is possible for them and they act that way too. Arogant? No, they're simply living with a mindset that knows, that belief in possibility alone, attracts opportunity to open doors that may have previously been closed to them. It is this strength in belief that opens even more doors; which of course leads to greater opportunity. The law of averages - one of the great laws of the universe.

You absolutely must have this kind of mindset in order to engage with the beautiful reality of possibility and the notion that anything is actually possible for you. No matter your background or current circumstance. So what do you think, could you be more than you imagine? I certainly think so.

As the largest organ of the human body, the brain has an immense capacity, yet many sadly only use only a very small percentage of it. That is your choice. But you have the capability to use more. If you choose to! Instead of busy-ing yourself with running around in circles, making excuses, or  thinking, or being told, that everything is impossible, choose to think it is possible! Negative talk only allows you to forget that there is a greater part of you to play with. A part that with a little effort, will take you to places you never even imagined. Don't choose not to dream and reach because of fear or doubt. These nasty little monsters only serve to hold you back further. Choose to allow yourself the universal right to be better!

By becoming fully aware of your capabilities, (we all have some just ask the people who know and love you, they'll tell you straight) and by knowing how much more you can be, you extend your possibilities beyond imagination. Even just by thinking about it! Now that's phenomenal. I believe whole heartedly that every person should be taught it's ok to dream, it's ok reach and it's certainly ok to be more than those who tell you NO! Infact, it's a must! 

If you want to succeed at anything, you have to make belief and positive thinking your number one priority, no matter what. You have to stop trying to 'keep up with the Joneses' (or the Kardashians for that matter!).


If you want to 'beat the brain drain,' as I like to say, and become more than you imagine, develop the muscles of your mind as regularly as you do your biceps in the gym. Work to switch on that host of unused brain channels, through activities such as meditation, exercise, reading or even just day-dreaming and visioning for example. Invite an extended awareness home with you, instead of activities that numb your soul! Lead yourself into a deeper form of self-discovery, push through that growth and just watch how amazingly far you fly.

As you become more consciously aware of your thoughts, through practice and realise how ultimately responsible they are for instigating every action you ever take, you will come to realise that only you are in control of your life, no-one else and will no doubt, go on to create greater outcomes and take greater steps  towards your own success as a result.

Negative thoughts, or as I call them, wasted thoughts, are so harmful and only serve to poison your soul, so the next time you find a negative thought creeping in through the back door of that beautiful mind of yours, replace it immediately with a positive one. Make it a habit. Don't let fear or negativity pollute all of your hard work. It's kind of like sugar and the gym - The two just don't get along! So make more space for the positive, strengthen through practice and then make the exceptional journey to discovery. 

Know that you always have the ability and the choice, to create your own path. If your belief is strong enough, you will be encouraged enough to take action. So why not work to walk through life exactly the way you want to, rather than by others expectation. If you chose to do nothing, the mind will just mentally close itself off to even the notion of possibility. Not something I am comfortable with. Are you?

Always remember that you and you alone have the power to change your life - simply by changing the way you choose to think. Oprah said words to that effect and look how that worked out for her. Go Oprah! So if thoughts are really the seeds to personal growth and success, then you absolutely have an obligation to water those seeds by educating your mind to the power of positivity and imagination. Try it if you're struggling in any way and watch how quickly your life will evolve. You'll feel so much happier too. Isn't your happiness worth that kind of investment?

Perception really is everything, so if you choose to have a  negative view of yourself, then you will attract and create nothing more than negative limitation. If you truly want to create opportunity and a chance to succeed, then you absolutely must keep the faith, take action towards your goals, no matter how small to start with and you 100% must learn to love yourself in such a positive way, that only things that flourish, come knocking on your door. Yes, I believe it is all possible! And yes, I believe you can be so much more than you ever imagined. Just remember, you don't need all the answers to trust yourself to fly. So go ahead, go create yourself a phenomenal life.