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I believe in having fun, living your purpose completely and being uniquely you! I say, do it phenomenally!" - PWM CEO, Kerys Nathan

I believe in having fun, living your purpose completely and being uniquely you! I say, do it phenomenally!" - PWM CEO, Kerys Nathan

Here at the Phenomenal Woman Mission I intend to celebrate being a woman, life and each other. I believe in living lives that serve us and serving those that need us. We are all women on a mission working to creating our greater selves alongside bringing value to other people across the globe in the process. My approach to life is one of a positive, motivational and educational nature and is the reason I wrote my latest book 'Phenomenal Woman' I want to inspire and guide others out of adversity into becoming their greater selves.

As a media creative by profession for the last 30 years and now a multi-business owner living in a fast paced modern world, I know how important it is to take care of our personal and professional needs equally! I am therefore a huge advocate of keeping mental, physical and spiritual health in balance. As much as working hard is key to success, if we don’t take care of ourselves in the process, we will have nothing to work with! and that’s not phenomenal! My mission therefore is to educate, inspire and motivate change and to help improve the lives of women across the World. Through my book, my magazine, my blog, my speaking events and now my latest PWM sport active wear that has you flying phenomenal in the gym (or wherever you like to work out) my brand and philosophy at ‘The Phenomenal Woman Mission’ is to help us all go on that all important mission to becoming our greater selves!

Watch out for our new Global ‘Phenomenally me’ Campaign - supporting mental health and creating domestic abuse awareness. We are here to change the World, but together we are stronger!



The Phenomenal Woman Mission is an advocate for educating all women to recognise and celebrate their abilities and helping them work to their full potential and live with the freedom of choice. We are also passionate about raising awareness on situations that affect so many women such as, emotional abuse, depression, discrimination and proper health care. Our aim is to educate, inspire, motivate, empower and create change by providing valuable support for women who need it. 

Who is the Phenomenal Woman? The phenomenal woman is smart, capable, determined and persistent. She is positive, giving, loving and valuable. She is strong, gentle, charming and elegant and always plays out her role in life to her highest potential. The 'House of Divinity' is the home of the phenomenal woman and is a place where vintage value meets contemporary opportunity and educated women work to build a solid foundation and positive future for themselves and others. It is a place where intelligent ladies of class, live with passion and a determination to succeed.

The Phenomenal Woman is simply her greatest self!





The Ultimate Mission

To help those that need us! PWM is here to encourage everyone to elevate themselves out of situations they find themselves in, to reach their dreams and become their greater self! Ladies, it's time to Phenomenalize! 

Welcome to the House of Divinity.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, Is to become your greatest self! It is time to discover your purpose, deliver your best and create a phenomenal impact. For every evolving woman, your mission starts here!