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what others have to say 

Kerys has an outstanding ability to inspire and motivate people, something I have witnessed since her childhood and it has always been her greatest pleasure to help people develop and blossom.
— My Coach
Kerys’ coaching is precise and personal and she continually endeavours to find a technique that will work for you, challenging both yourself and her.
— Performer
I have learned a great deal from Kerys’ coaching. She has filled me with confidence and inspired me to achieve my dream.
— Student

This woman is amazing at everything she does, after you hire her you will never go anywhere else, the absolute best!
— West End Performer

She has inspired so many and changed lives through her coaching, charity work, courses and creative direction. Kerys is the most positive, determined, hardworking and creative person I know and always puts others before herself. She is an incredible coach, mentor and writer and all round phenomenal woman.
— Client
Kerys is inspirational and takes time to support and advise others to achieve their goals. Her blogs and books are always filled with positive attitude and are influential to others who need to stay focused and move forward in times of doubt in themselves.
— Client
I’ve just completed the second read of the book Phenomenal Women. I honestly feel that i’ve enjoyed this book far more than any other of its genre. It’s so upbeat, compellingly supportive and life changing. It is so much better than ‘The Secret!’
— Reader
Kerys has unbelievable strength and will power. She has been truly inspiring and to watch her growth with her 3 new businesses and new book in the last year alone is incredible. Watching her achieve everything is wonderful. She deserves all the success in the world.
— Member of the PW Team

She is kind and caring and goes out of her way to make things happen for other people. She shows people they can achieve their dreams and then helps them to do it. She is an amazing coach and totally changed my performing career for the better. It is thanks to her that I am where I am now. Thank you Kerys.
— Professional performer

What ever she puts her mind to, she achieves and she does it for all of us too. My favourite person to work with. An amazing performance coach and life mentor too. She is the best!
— West End Choreographer
Kerys immediately puts you at ease and she quickly understands what you’re trying to achieve. Kerys very easily makes you relax, whether in front of the Camera or on the stage or in a coaching session. Her passion for what she does comes through and she is master of making people feel comfortable and having fun whilst at the same time delivering incredible results.
— Professional Model