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Could you be more than you imagine?

Phenomenal Woman Mission

We’ve all heard the expression anything is possible a million times, but what does that actually mean? Being the logical beings we are, it's likely that we will question the validity of this claim, but there is a much more important question I prefer to ask, What would happen if we just lived by faith and adopted a determined mindset,  instead of dousing ourselves in doubt?

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Celebrity Glamour For Under A Tenner!

Phenomenal Woman Mission

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to live life like a glamorous celeb? Unfortunately, keeping up with the Kardashian’s or the Beckham’s does nothing more than bump up an already over bulging bank account. Unlike Victoria and her Louis Vuitton lined pockets, most of us have little more than a gaping hole burning its way through the lining. However, with a little imagination and a sense of adventure you really don’t have to be massively minted to have a good time. These days, it would seem that even a penniless princess can work it Hollywood style and for not much more than a tenner.

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