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Live a life that serves you

Phenomenal Woman Mission

The daily choices we make impact our lives massively and if you are choosing wisely, then fantastic, you are living a life that serves you. The greatest part of the 'Phenomenal Woman philosophy' that we advocate, is that as women, we choose to create a life that serves us but one that also makes a positive impact on everyone around us.

However, far too often I see women holding themselves back by putting the demands of others way beyond their own needs. This not only has a negative impact on you, but leaves you turning around years later and wondering where on earth your life went. What an awful feeling to have. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting others first, when the situation requires it, but when other peoples' demands eat away at what serves your greater need, then you will sadly create yourself nothing but a limited life and that is not phenomenal at all. 

So often I hear women say 'I can't' or 'I have to.' However, these limiting words are usually the result of someone else's need, greed or opinion. Are you really going to live your life based on someone else's opinion? It's really none of their business. What you choose to do with your life should never be based on someone else's 'opinion' of who you should be. When we spend our lives basing our actions on other people's desire's (because that's all they are) the only consequence, is you living a severely limited lifestyle. There are enough outside distractions and restrictions in this world, so why on earth would you put more on yourself? What you absolutely 'cannot' do, is limit your life by your own hand!

So why do so many women do this to themselves? Fear is usually the offending culprit. Closely followed by his best buddy insecurity. However, neither of these nasty little devils are your friends. Why? because when you allow fear or insecurity to stop you doing the fundamental things that allow you to be happy, you are simply enforcing the negative and crippling belief that you are not worthy of more. No-one should ever feel like this. You wouldn't accept bad service in a restaurant or at a spa would you? No, because you expect to get what you pay for right? You expect people in service to deliver what you need. Well you are in service every day to yourself, the VIP person in charge of your life! so why would you not give yourself the best service possible? 

When you learn to appreciate all that you are and are brave enough to stand up for yourself, massive shifts happen. When you learn to gift yourself with the things that create inner joy, whole new worlds open up to bring you even more. How wonderful is that. Whether you want a luxurious life, a holistic life, a simple life, a busy life, or any of the many choices in-betwen remember it is your life and therefore your decision. Don't let fear have you running from what you are actually in charge of. As a wonderful friend of mine always says "I may not have a million dollars, but I have a million possibilities" I love that.

No-one is responsible for your life,  except you. And that is one heck of a reason to make doubly sure that you create a life worth living. Don't you want to look back and smile at all the crazy wonderful things you did? Even if they didn't work out! So what, experience makes you stronger and strength helps you to build greatness. If you want to leave a legacy behind, then you absolutely have to start that work right now. Whatever is your joy, let it become your focus and start working towards that goals end right now. What's the point in life if you don't enjoy it to the max everyday? If you are struggling to get what you want, start by finding little pockets of joy in simple things first. Learn to see life from other perspectives. This will open your mind and teach you things that will make you realise you are already phenomenal. That feeling alone will propel you forwards. 

Learn to fall in love with life, because when you're in love with what life has to offer, you are better able pick from the tree and nourish the deeper part of who you are. Fully nourished people are also perfectly positioned to take positive advantage of everything. Life really is a gift and if you look with love, intrigue and eyes wide open, you will discover all the benefits. When was the last time you took a good look and weighed up your life's assets against your liabilities? Limitation is a liability - you don't need it. So focus on adding value to your life instead of limitation. When was the last time you  allowed yourself to fill your life with absolute joy? No-one wants to live in negative equity, so start implementing the right mindset today and take actions that will get you travelling in the right direction.

Start with these this month:

  1. Out with the old and in with the new: Drop anything that creates negative feeling for you and start shopping for items that fill you with absolute joy. 
  2. Stay focused on your goals: Maintain a laser centred focus on your goals. Action them daily. No matter how small, make it a priority to stay driven. Action equals achievement.
  3. Learn to say No: That is all. Do not excuse yourself. Just be polite and say No!
  4.  Respect and love yourself: Because if you don't, how can you expect anyone else to?

Make a decision today to reprogram your 'excuse making mindset' to one that serves you more positively on a daily basis. Choose to create habits and actions that lift you more easily onto the higher platform you are actually aiming for. Promise yourself today that you will indeed go in search of that which makes you smile. Everyone knows that happiness is the greatest health provider, so why not make it your number one goal to invest in that. Go shopping for happiness today, become your own super hero and truly live a life that serves you.

Author Kerys Nathan