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The Soul Factor

Phenomenal Woman Mission

When the opening title music has been played and the audience has ceased cheering, will you still be able to bring the required 'memorable factor' to the table? With commercially based programmes such as the 'X-Factor' ruling the airwaves and dominating our social media news feeds, I wanted to take a moment to turn it inside out and ask the audience, 'How many votes will you get for your 'S-Factor?'  It's time to turn away from the screens and all the mediated hype and go back to basics. It's time to eliminate the manufactured 'X' and take a deeper look at the Soul Factor - that incredible ball of energy that fires up your potential, is responsible for your greatest performance and lives inside us all. 

As a performance coach it's my job to develop what I call the Soul factor. It gives clients the edge and more importantly takes them from being talented performers to overall winners. It's also a fabulous little ingredient that can be used in everyday life and will make you stand out from the crowd. With a good sprinkling of the 'S,' you will attract the right people into your life (the kind that reflect your worth in this world and support your journey) and phenomenally, you will get you more of what you want. What's not to love about that? Those that nurture and indulge their 'S' spot, radiate an unforgettable energy and therefore, create a more memorable impact. So whether you are a performer or not, how you 'perform' in your everyday life, is key to winning or losing.

To 'have soul,' (much like the music we associate the word with) you must learn to be rich with emotion and come at life from a place of depth - the place where your inner most phenomenal-self resides. This is a place of truth and where your talent and potential thrive. As C.S. Lewis said "You don't have a soul. You are a soul." How great is it to know that we are already born with the right ingredients to shine? It is therefore your job to remain connected to the greatest part of that winning energy, so as to create the magic in your life.

Just as soulful music is designed to move us and is displayed with great passion and meaning, the human soul is central to your personhood and therefore, you too, as the human instrument of soul, are designed to create a unique impact on the world. It all starts with orchestrating your instrument in the right way. Performance coaching therefore, is an immensely satisfying job and I am thrilled to orchestrate the development of so many souls using techniques that not only get me out of my seat applauding, but more importantly allow my clients to shine naturally and leave a long lasting impact. It's just my thing. 

How great does it feel when you are able to enter a room and know that someone can't take their eyes of you? How amazing does it feel when someone tells you that you have impacted their life because of something you did or said? and how awesome does it feel when someone's world has been 'rocked' because of you? That right there is your soul factor working at its optimum level and that right there is where the real magic happens! What you are capable of when your are in-tune with your soul factor is truly incredible. It will simply change your life and the lives of others, but the great part is, that your 'energetic melody' is infinite and the only people who can vote you out of this 'factor,' are the ones you don't need in your life anyway. I'd say a definite win/win scenario for all wouldn't you? Don't you want to know that you are capable of performing at your best? and that your best is good enough? Wouldn't you like to attract the  the right audience and wow them with just exactly who your are? I say stop being swayed by manufactured nonsense and commenting on other people's lives and simply start voting for yourself!

Don't worry about where you sit on the worldwide scale of talent and beauty, it's unmeasurable and therefore unrealistic. Stop competing with others for when you realise we are all so ridiculously unique in our abilities, competition is pointless. Stop looking outside for inner happiness, by now you know that happiness most certainly is an inside job. When you realise that you are unique and that your super 'S' factor can work wonders for you, doesn't it make sense to nurture its ability and truly become the superstar and superhero of your life? I mean seriously, who wants a great big fat X plastered across their chest when you can walk every day with a sexy, sensational S!

When you connect with your soul factor and are open to letting it out, that's when the real magic happens and that's when the world will remember your name!

Are you willing to let your soul shine?

Author Kerys Nathan