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Phenomenal Woman Mission

Performance Power is that little extra ingredient that leaves a massive impact and will help to catapult you from an average performance to an incredible one. Who doesn't want to deliver a performance that an audience will remember long after the moment is over? As a director and performance coach in the entertainment industry for 25 years, I have had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of  performers and people in the public eye to achieve this. Much like an athlete builds strength and velocity, in order to optimise their performance power physically, performers, speakers and anyone delivering any form of presentation, have to also dig deep inside and find that special part of them, that inner super self that will create the biggest impact.  'Optimising performance power' from the inside out is one of the key techniques I teach all my clients from all works of life. 



Building confidence and drawing out a clients best is truly satisfying, as I get to see such wonderful human transformations everyday. The development of performance power, soul connections and finding the 'X-factor' is what my performance coaching is all about. 'Performance Power' is the heart beat of any performance, and as I say in the book, without it, there is nothing! 

Whether this highly developed skill is required for a stage performance, on screen, in the studio, the office, on an interview or to improve communication in your personal life, the ultimate goal here is to build your understanding of self, discover and work with your 'unique soul power' and then through training, elevate that performance power, so as to perform at your greatest potential. 

When you fuel your journey and deliver with a powerful energy, the world certainly will (in the words of fame) 'remember your name!' The 'Phenomenal Woman power principle' works in the same way and is designed to get you more of what you want, eliminate what you don't want and allow you to make an incredible impact that you will be remembered admirably for. Some of my clients have become quite famous for their 'walk alone!' Well, swagger is important after all, no matter what your style).

1950's Performance Power

The 1950's showed us an array of beautiful women that were considered 'popular' in the 50's but if you didn't fit the mould physically, then you were considered not worthy and were on the scrap heap. It wasn't about your performance so much but, what you looked like (much like the fashion world). Awful yes, but also part and parcel of the world of entertainment I'm afraid. I've auditioned hundreds of performers for my productions and you know what you're looking for and that is all you need. No-one else. If you don't fit the bill today, the answer I'm afraid is still 'NEXT!' 


However, actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn was famously known for her on screen beauty eventually sure, but did you know that she was originally not considered good Hollywood fodder? She didn't fit the golden era mould like contemporaries such as Marilyn Monroe for example. She could quite easily have heard the words 'NEXT' screamed in her ears and delivered harshly to the performer scrap heap. However, as we all now know, it was by her very natural nature and inner beauty, her presence and her performance power, that she captured not only the producer's hearts but the world over. 

Audrey Hepburn was one of the few actresses of the time to get her big break due to her personality. Phenomenal! And then she went and won an oscar for her efforts on her very first movie 'Roman Holiday.' Doubly phenomenal! Not bad for a relatively inexperienced, quiet young lady from Belgium.

You see, when you understand and play to your own inner power, and don't try to be something you're not, anything really is possible. 


My eldest brother is also a coach. One of the best. But he works with Olympic atheletes. He was my first coach, (as I was my younger sister's first vocal and dance coach) so I guess I started working with the concept of performance power and coaching it at a very early age. Why walk when you can run? (as my big brother taught me to do marvellously). How marvellous to have brothers and sisters to practice on. 

Today, I coach mostly professional entertainers, but also students of the arts, presenters, models, corporate clients and indeed anyone who wants to perform at their ultimate level. Performance power is a game changer and is at the foundation of everything that I do, whether I am in a coaching session or a rehearsal. 

The PW performance power technique is a new physical concept and mindset that is already changing women's lives all over the world, so if you're ready to change your outlook and create a bigger impact, then it's time to get powered up and release your 'P-Factor!