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Phenomenal Woman Mission


Phenomenal Woman Oprah believes that a person can change her life simply by changing her mind!

Phenomenal Woman Oprah believes that a person can change her life simply by changing her mind!

A phenomenal Mindset is one that is capable of seeing multiple perspectives, can find alternative angles and has the power to turn any negative into a positive, no matter what life throws in the mix. The phenomenal mindset therefore, allows a person to live a life that truly serves them, which of course is our mission here. So whether you have everything or nothing, what matters most is how you handle that everything or indeed nothing! The phenomenal mindset is one that wakes up every morning and says 'how am I going to positively deal with myself today?'

We often hear the words millionnaire mindset and many presume it to be a pre-cursor to receiving all the physical riches in life you desire. This of course can be the truth, however it is the quality attitude of mind towards life and gratitude for that which you already have and are able to work towards, that makes the mindset worthy of millionnaire status.  With quality thoughts and a phenomenally pro-active lifestyle, you will put yourself on the success map and achieve positive things in your life. No millionnaire ever got rich by being negative, dispassionate or by not believing in their dream. Hard work, belief and passion are what keep you on the track to success. Competition, set backs, lack of resources, or the word 'NO,' are never an issue for any person with a phenomenal millionnaire mindset. 

Chanel is famous for simplicity and style when it comes to the clothing brand, but it was Mademoiselle Coco's unwavering and determined attitude as a young woman that impresses me most. Her ability to say 'No' to what she didn't want and her determination to do and wear what she personally liked, contrary to popular fashion and opinions of the time. Lady Coco Chanel chose to be phenomenally herself in a world that pushed her to do otherwise. This is certainly one example of a phenomenal mindset at work. One that show courage, passion, hard work and an unbending belief to succeed. And because of it, Chanel pins herself firmly on the success map. 

Here at the PW Headquarters we believe wholeheartedly in walking with a phenomenal millionnaire mindset at all times. Infact it has become an office staple, a required attire, if you like and everyone looks just fabulous in it! Never was the statement 'it's what you wear on the inside that counts' more true.

 The Phenomenal Millionaire Mindset - one that encourages your better self to thrive, steps up your game and goes on a mission to the land of solution.  Why be average when you can be phenomenal?

As phenomenal women, we have attributes that are meant to be used for the greater good. We are divinely feminine, kind, thoughtful, emotive, powerful and yet gentle souls all at the same time. But mostly, we know how to care of the world. Phenomenal women are also not in competition with anyone and use their skills to benefit others so that they too can see themselves as phenomenal. As mothers, nurturers, friends, lovers, business women and the such like, we are infact the true teachers and therefore leaders of the world. What an awesome job and phenomenal responsibility.

Here on the PW mission we advocate femininity in all its forms. We represent a quality mindset and approach to life. We represent vintage values coupled with contemporary opportunities. The phenomenal woman is someone who is able to manage and mix these two approaches to life well and does it with class, professionalism and femininity. She holds herself in high self esteem and helps others up onto the platform she herself is standing on. Her mindset is one of ambition yes, but also one of kindness and respect. 

A phenomenal woman knows that when her mindset, her goals and her purpose is clear, then anything is possible. No matter what lifestyle she seeks, a phenomenal woman knows that if she wants to get to where she's headed,  she must not leave the house without the PWMM ('Phenomenal Woman Millionnaire Mindset') in her bag. Now she is prepared for whatever life throws at her. That's the phenomenal way. I look forward to coaching on this philosophy and giving you the PW tool kit to help you on your missions and route to your own personal PWMM and fabulous life success.