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Phenomenal Living, an international lifestyle resource that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, travel, culture and entertainment. Our aim is to share lifestyle and product recommendations that help you live a phenomenal life.    We focus on the philosophy of living a life that serves, therefore celebrating each other, supporting charity and motivating across the board, is absolutely at the heart of everything we do. Phenomenal Living is designed to quickly and effortlessly help you discover what you need. No fuss, no frills, just a little black book of Phenomenalisation.

Phenomenal Living, an international lifestyle resource that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, travel, culture and entertainment. Our aim is to share lifestyle and product recommendations that help you live a phenomenal life.

We focus on the philosophy of living a life that serves, therefore celebrating each other, supporting charity and motivating across the board, is absolutely at the heart of everything we do. Phenomenal Living is designed to quickly and effortlessly help you discover what you need. No fuss, no frills, just a little black book of Phenomenalisation.



Hello Ladies and welcome to the Winter issue (and sadly my last issue for now) of Phenomenal Living Magazine. 2017 has been a busy and difficult year, but 2018 looks set to be even busier on the PWM front and so to that end and for health reasons, this will be my last issue for a while. I do hope that you have enjoyed reading my mini mag over the last 2 years and that my hot picks and tips have helped you fill your life with some truly lovely and memorable moments.

I've had an absolute blast bringing you all my favourite things each month and season, but now after a double operation and much illness, I need to take my own advice and take some quality time out for myself to recover my own health. The phenomenal way, as I always say, is to be honest enough with yourself always and honour the things your mind, body and soul require in order to stay healthy. So, I will be re-focusing my time elsewhere for a while.

Don't worry, I am still working furiously on bringing you the PW show and my next book, so your support is always treasured. I am super proud and grateful that I am still able to create something else of value, that will continue to keep us all being our phenomenal selves.


Well of course it's that time of year some of us love and some of us fear, or indeed, do not celebrate and it's important to respect all these feelings and support those that need us at what can be a difficult time for many. But for those that do celebrate and are excited for Santa's arrival, this issue is packed full of gorgeous gift ideas for you and your loved ones. And if you want to get away from all the madness, well I have some ideas for that too in the Travel section below.

As always in the Health & Happiness and Charity Focus sections, I ask you to bring your focus back to the things that not only keep us moving forwards positively, but to make the effort to truly help others 'survive a life' that some of us, often take for granted. Please do take a moment this Christmas to help someone 'live a life that serves them,' or perhaps, gift someone who really needs it. Walk with open arms and compassion and support those that need a little love at this time.

For all you book lovers out there, check out the Phenomenal Reads section and enjoy adding this issues suggestions to your ever growing motivational book collection. Knowledge is power right? And if the authors words help you to take even one step forward in your life, then you are already a winner and that really is phenomenal!

Of course if you have yet to purchase my own book 'Phenomenal Woman,' then why not head over to either my personal website or the PWM website itself and take a look. Why not become your greater self and live a life that truly serves you? If you need a litte push in life to move forwards, then this book is definitely for you! A great little Christmas pressie and a phenomenal way to start the new year with a new you! (Signed copies available directly from me)

Many thanks again to all the wonderful readers who have purchased my book over the last 3 years. I absolutely love receiving your feedback and hearing your 'moving forward' and success stories. Super phenomenal!


Overall, 2017 has been difficult, yet fantastic all at the same time, but that's what life is about isn't it - light and shade, trying to balance it all and learning to appreciate the little things. Learning to balance all these idiosyncrasies of life and still remain positive, is what truly makes us phenomenal. So if you are struggling, in pain, stuck, or dealing with anything else that ails you, just remember, that it is really all just part of the necessary process of growth and enlightenment! And when the lighter side of life shines bright, you will appreciate it so much more than you ever thought possible.

The harder you fall, the higher you will rise! Falling down is simply the first step to learning how to stand again on your own two feet! And incase you didn't know, you really are built to withstand it all - even when you don;t think you are. This year proved that for me. So be patient with yourselves this Christmas and throughout next year, because everything you've been working towards and praying for is coming! Trust it! Make the decision that it is and watch it manifest! The law of attraction lives in YOU!

Cheers everyone X

Cheers everyone X

For now, I wish you all a very happy Christmas, New Year and a phenomenal 2018! Finish out the year strong by preparing for your 2018 requirements with clarity and definitive action! Don't forget to make time to take care of yourselves as and when you need to and please do indulge in some well deserved pampering - because yes, you need it and yes, you are worth it!

Happy holiday's to you all. Stay special and stay phenomenally you!

Love, light and phenomenal blessings

Kerys Nathan



So, it may be Icy cold outside, but that's no excuse to walk around looking like you've given up on life! Of course keeping your skin soft and supple with a fresh glow throughout the winter months is always going to be a challenge! It’s certainly not easy constantly fighting to keep skin radiant and fresh looking! Especially at a time when most of us would rather crawl under the covers and not come out until Spring starts to creep over the horizon! But until that time, you can really keep that dry, icy look at bay by opting for one of these 3 classics - serious moisturisers that will give you fresh and radiant looking skin and protect you from the Wintery facial blues.

Sometimes old school is best! I mean why fix something if it's not broken right? So here are 3 of my phenomenal face cream Hot Picks. (To be honest it was a hard choice, because there really are so many great ones, but these 3 stars of the moisturising world still reign supreme. Look out for their gorgeous Christmas gift packs too. Why not treat a loved one to the gift of beautiful skin? Now that's a phenomenal idea.


Clarin’s Creme Eclat du Jour is a daily Energiser cream that softens and smooths, reduces imperfections and firms skin. With no oily effect, it is also an excellent base for make-up. Personally, I've always been a huge Clarins fan and simply because their products work.

An award-winning skin protectant that moisturises, protects, soothes sunburn, rehydrates chapped lips and heals rough elbows. A makeup-artist favourite that keeps skin shiny, eyebrows in place and cuticles perfectly manicured. This cream has a long lasting effect so is therefore a great flight companion.


Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ is a cult product. For skin that remains flawless looking, this cream ensures that moisture stays in and leaves your skin soft, with a healthy-looking glow. Another classic product I love. Gorgeous facial care gift sets available now.


With the cocoa bean being a beneficial anti-oxidant with the addictively delicious smell of chocolate on top, what's not to love about cocoa and chocolate inspired skincare. So if you're looking for a special gift this Christmas, or simply a healthy way to rejuvenate alongside indulging in even more of the chocolaty stuff, then do check out these Hot Picks below. For all you beauty fans and chocoholics this ones for you.

A Little Lippy Love

If you're looking for a luscious lippy that can withstand all the Christmas eating, long hours partying and plenty of kisses under the mistletoe, then look no further. We've found a nice selection of the best long-lasting, non-transferable lipsticks and glosses that really do stay put and keep your pout in check. All non-drying and packed with moisturising vitamins to keep you lip smackingly phenomenal from day to night.

Stilla Stay - All Day

Urban Decay - Vice

Smashbox - Always On

Burberry Lip Velvet


Kat Von D - Studded Kiss

Armani  Ecstacy Shine

    Full Kisses


BB Monday to Sunday

Molton Brown


Looking for a little gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed? Here are a few small and fun ideas that may just do the trick. Check out my wine selection too, all great visiting gifts this holiday season that will go down phenomenally well. Enjoy!

DRINKS ANYONE? - Well, Tis the season to be jolly afterall, so here are our 3 hot pick choices. Cheers!

From one of South Africa's most celebrated wineries. Boekenhoustkloof's The Chocolate Block is an eclectic, but inspired blend of Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Viognier.

Renowned for its soft salmon pink colour and deliciously fruity taste, Laurent Perrier Rosé is memorable for its exceptional freshness and unique aroma of freshly picked red berries, making it a perfect aperitif.

One of the world's most loved and recognisable prestige cuvée Champagnes. Uniquely, each bottle is adorned with a hand-painted flower design. Fruity fresh, with classic floral notes.

Luxury Hot Chocolate from Whittard

If you like hot chocolate, then you will totally love these! My daughter and I are obsessed with the white chocolate hot chocolate! With marshmallows on top on a wintery evening of course. We also love the salted caramel. All are absolutely divine and delicious, so why not grab yourself a little luxury hot chocolate as a gift for a loved one. Perhaps make that two boxes, because I guarantee, that you will be tempted to try it and once you do, well no-one else is getting a look in! It's really that good!

Check out their collections here:

Couverture Chocolate from Harrods

Harrods of course always present a luxurious assortment of chocolates with an exciting variety of centres. So to tantalise the taste buds of every chocolate lover, check out these delicious little bites that include: ganaches, pralines and truffles and use Harrods own special couverture chocolate. Perfectly showcased in a stunning bright pink box with gold handles and pull out drawers, this is the ideal souvenir or gift for any connoisseur. Current deal down from £26 to £18! Bargain!

Saks Fifth Avenue


Who said Winter had to be all about shapeless pullovers and cover up comfy’s? So this winter, I’m going with effortless chic as temperatures begin to drop. I'm thinking cashmere capes, over sized winter coats, jumper dresses and thigh high sexy boots for my day to evening winter wardrobe.

This season certainly has a lot to offer on the dress and boot front, as well as colourful combo’s and all in white chic. Of course black is always in fashion and you really can’t go wrong with a little black number, but this year, why not mix it up with a few of our favourite trends for a phenomenally sexy-chic look.

A little Fireside Living?

However, if you are totally set on taking on Winter hibernation like a boss (and why not, If I didn’t have to leave the house, I think I’d be inclined to join you) then why not embrace a little fireside fashion with either sexy chic Pyjamas, or full on winter woolies with a lot more sex appeal than yet another unwanted Christmas jumper! Dress up or snuggle up, whatever takes your fancy, go ahead, pop that champagne and get your fireside fashion on. Feel fashion fabulous, comfy and warm. Now that's phenomenal Living!

NORDSTROM - This fall, accessorize your look with statement makers.



As we all know, Christmas can be a seriously expensive time for most, but what about those who don’t have the finances or resources to give at this time of year? How about using your money wisely this year and helping someone in need to have an enjoyable holiday season too.

Whether you're helping a charity, a shelter, or someone you personally know, make a phenomenal choice this year to do something that makes a real difference to another persons life. A little really does go a long way and the gift of giving can dramatically change a person's life in ways you may not be able to see.

So put a little extra in the charity box, buy an extra gift for someone who really needs it and perhaps one less for someone who already has enough. Spread and share the love in a wider context this year. After all love is truly the greatest gift of all. Be a part of the bigger picture.

bikram yoga


If you're anything like me and feel the cold long before it even arrives and whose body simply rejects the idea of putting on sports gear in the middle of winter, then maybe Bikram Yoga is for you. As someone who favours pj's and a movie in bed over going to the gym, well I have definitely found a favourite winter body warmer. Bikram yoga is my new winter relaxation ritual.

There's just something wonderful about stretching out in 80 degree heat that appeals to me. It may not be the beach, but it certainly is a healthier option. It's also a great way to stretch further through your yoga poses and a fabulous way to practice. A sauna and stretch and an instant body warmer thats super healthy for you. Phenomenal!



Do you have the need for speed? Then Skate (dine or bowl - or all 3) at London's Queensway this holiday season. Don't fancy braving the cold for hours? But fancy a little adrenalin rush? Then girl racers, this ones for you! Take drifting to a new level and master Karting on Ice. Why not compete with 6-8 other karters and get your James Bond 'Die Another Day' on - without the risk! Ok, so you may not be driving an Aston Martin, or flying across the glaciers of Bond movies, but this could be the next best thing. Go ahead, grab your friends and challenge each other to a little slippery fun.

Tuesday and Sunday 7pm-10.20pm.


image (1).jpg

For those that love a little wander around a Christmas market to get into the seasonal spirit, then head into central London where there are multiple choices. Check out the Christmas market in Leicester square, or at the market at the fabulous Winter Wonderland in Hyde park - where you have every excuse to enjoy a bunch of rides and mountains of cotton candy. However, if the idea of rides and raucous behaviour fills you with dread, then head down to the Winter festival at the Southbank centre, for a more sophisticated experience. Don't forget to grab a pre-christmas warm up drink on the river side and then just take in the wonderful Christmassy City view.


If you fancy a slightly different outdoor skating experience this year and have already done the rinks at Hampton Court, Hyde Park and Somerset House (all good fun!) then head over to Canary wharf Ice rink, where this year's theme is 'Luminocity.' Here you will find over 8k of LED lights sparkling under the ice, washing wintery skaters in colour. There is also a skate path that runs through a series of twinkling trees where you will also find a bar serving seasonal drinks and snacks. But if you don't fancy skating, then take a seat in the heated terrace and admire (or have a giggle) at those trying to display their phenomenal-skills-on-ice.


The smash-hit musical swings into the Marble Arch Theatre where you will be transported to a 1940s New Orleans jazz club. A theatrical experience like no other and one of my faves! It is simply phenomenal!


Fancy a romantic late night dinning spot with phenomenal food, cocktails, DJ's and live music? Then head over to Qualingo's in central London. A luxurious establishment where decadence comes naturally.


Just in case it hasn't completely sold out by now and you can grab yourself a ticket, Mariah Carey is back! The 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' Tour hits the O2 tent on Monday 11 December 2017.


If you’re looking to avoid all the Christmas hype and family bickering and are looking for a little more ‘me’ time in the sun or on the slopes, then we've found find a a few interesting ideas that offer a fun retreat away from the usual madding crowd. Whether you’re looking for a little winter sun, a winter retreat, a cosy christmas cabin or perhaps something totally unique, getting away from the crazy that can be Christmas can be a welcome treat. Here are a few suggestions other than the usual sunny island choices of the med for a little holiday fun.



Spend Christmas with Santa in Lapland with a five-night 'Snowing Me, Snowing You' itinerary, that includes a reindeer farm visit, husky and snowmobile safaris, a trip to the Ice Hotel and an evening with Mr Claus himself. Package includes flights, transfers, full-board accommodation at the Grand Hotel and all activities.

Contact: Activities Abroad's 01670 789991


A Sunny Cuban Christmas

If the idea of Christmas at home leaves you cold, head for the fabulous Caribbean heat. Starting off in Havana, spend three days sipping mojitos, before hitting the road in a 1950's Cadillac and making the two-hour drive to Cayo Levisa, a small coral island just off the mainland. Phenomenal trip!

Contact: Black Tomato 020 7610 9008


Volunteer in Rio

Tis the season to be giving I say! So here's your chance to do your bit in sunny Rio de Janeiro. Working alongside local community groups, volunteers work with locals to paint houses in the Morro Dos Prazeres favela, with a view to creating an inspirational hillside mural which can be seen for miles around. Participants can sign up for anything from a week to a month.

Contact STA Travel 0870 160 7535


A White Christmas in Val D'Isere

If you’re looking for snow, skiing and glamour, then head to Val D'isere and stay at Chalet Pomme de Pin in the pretty village of Le Fornet. Close to a cable car and access to the slopes. Christmas deals including flights, transfers and half-board accommodation, with afternoon tea, wine and dinner.

Contact: Ski Val 0870 746 3030


Riding in Arizona

Spend Christmas in the saddle at the Lazy K Bar Ranch near Tucson, Arizona. Lying in the desert overlooking the Santa Cruz Valley, the ranch caters for all ages and abilities. Cookouts under the stars, wagon rides and western dancing will definitely get you into the cowboy spirit. Yeeee ha anyone?

Contact: Ranch America 0870 499 0689


Yoga in Goa

Swap Christmas drinks and a New Year hangover for a fortnight of yoga on Palolem Beach in Goa. Based at the Bhakti Kutir retreat, daily meditation and yoga classes are on offer, as well as nutrition lectures, boat trips and visits to the local markets. Christmas Day involves a trip to a nearby fort, an evening barbecue and sunset yoga practice. I'm definitely feeling this!

Contact: Lotus Journeys 020 8968 3666

Into the Wild by Eesha Mack

Winter brings the need to snuggle inside after a crisp walk in the snow and what better place than in Santa’s home of Lapland. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and give back to the world by experiencing beautiful Finnish landscapes the eco friendly way. If a haven of nature set far from the usual troubles of the world takes your fancy, then Into the Wild you should go with a relaxing lodge stay deep in the Karigasniemi woods.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Finnish countryside, trek through the snow-dusted woodland, or take a picnic break by its picturesque lake. When you’re ready to warm up, well what better way to do so than in your own personal sauna, right before curling up next to the cabin's fireplace with a chilled glass of champagne in hand. What a perfect scenario for snug sessions of seasonal storytelling.

Get swept away in a whirlwind of wintery festive fun - whether it be husky safaris, canoeing trips, snowmobile adventures, ice fishing, cross country skiing, scenic hikes, or watching the Aurora Borealis right from your very own balcony, this eco-friendly hideaway in the woods certainly has it all.

Leave domestic difficulties at home and enjoy your very own housekeeping, make use of the barbeque hut, or tuck into traditional dishes prepared for you from natural, locally sourced ingredients - Even the mountain spring water is collected from a nearby creek! And don’t forget to keep a hopeful eye out for your nosy reindeer neighbours, who may well just stop by for a magical holiday visit. For memories that last forever, grab a back pack, head Into the Wild and embrace what nature intended.

€190-210 per night. All inclusive. Accommodates maximum of six. Minimum stay 3 nights. Airport shuttles provided.



New York is still among the most perfect places to spend a romantic getaway over the holiday period. With so many options for a fun filled weekend, your only problem will be fitting it all in. Why not head into Manhattan for a little retail therapy, not forgetting to check out Santa Land at Macy’s on the way, or grab a spot of lunch and take a stroll through the Winter Wonderland that is Central Park. For culture vultures, check out some of the Cities phenomenal art galleries and jump on a guided boat trip and head on down the Hudson River.

For all you Christmas junkies out there, indulge in a warm glass of mulled wine or two and some ice skating in the shadow of the colossal Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre and enjoy all the phenomenal street decorations that New York is famous for. For a truly romantic evening, why not book a luxury Champagne dinner, with a phenomenal rooftop view, followed of course by a Broadway show. There really are so many phenomenal options in New York, so whatever takes your fancy for a fun packed and perfectly romantic weekend in the City that never sleeps, have fun taking a huge bite out of that great Big Apple.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Blue Box Cafe - NYC

For all my Hepburn fans out there, super exciting news just in! You can now literally have Breakfast at Tiffany's! Yes that's right, the gorgeous Blue Box cafe and the famed tiffany’s store opened its doors this November and is not surprisingly, set to be phenomenally popular. The cafe offers a selection of delicious breakfasts, but if you're old school and simply want to relive Audrey’s famous croissant and coffee brekkie, well they'll serve you just that too.

This alone is enough to have me book my flight to NYC right now. So leave paper bagged croissant at the door and head inside to the Blue Box Cafe and enjoy the delights of Tiffany's finest.


New York also sees the opening of its first 'Gentleman's Club' for ladies and all in the name of the one and only Coco Chanel. It is a members club, but if you are New York based, then grab yourself a little piece of chic by getting your phenomenal self over there. With a CC emroidered pool table, writing desks, Boyfriend bar and a beauty salon, I will definitely be hooking this up on my return.

hotels,holiday, summer, deal, airline partners



Chocolate Diamonds or Strawberry Pearls anyone? Well it's big fat yes from me. I really enjoyed trying these on, all so gorgeous, it was hard to choose which one I wanted. So sticking with my chocolate theme this Christmas (which will also include my tree!) if you fancy a little luxury that doesn't break the bank or add pounds to the waistline, then take a look at Le Vian's chocolate diamond jewellery collection. Affordable rare diamonds that sound good enough to eat, Le Vian bring you chocolate that lasts a lifetime. Phenomenal.


For glorious gifts and show stopping feasts, head over to Fortnum and Mason and check out their delicious Hamper collections. We particularly like the St Nicolas, packed full of treats such as, shimmering strawberry preserve, rose petal jelly, cranberry and red onion marmalade, cognac butter, pomegranate and pistachio florentines, cinnamon and orange shortbread, Marc de champagne chocolate truffles, champagne, sauvignon blanc, spiced tea and coffee and more. Click pic to check out more hampers to choose from.


Nothing says ‘Happy Christmas lover’ more phenomenally than a luxury lobster lunch with champagne and a day in the spa! (Includes 2 treatments). Head over to the Athenaeum Hotel in London’s Mayfair and have a perfectly relaxing day at this 5 star hotel. I mean who doesn't fancy a luxuriating day here after a season of turkey and family festivities. A lovely gift for you and your loved one to enjoy together. Check out this fantastic deal here from Virgin experience days.


There’s a simple way of thinking, acting and doing. Once learned, this formula will make sure you get the very best out of everything. It’s called Flip It. Who doesn't want the best out of life right?

Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson have joined together to share their knowledge on one of the most crucial obstacles to happiness we face—the shadow.

The Wisdom of Sunday’s features insightful selections from the most meaningful conversations between Oprah Winfrey and some of today's most admired thought leaders.


Shelter is a fantastic organisation that works every single day of the year to help people struggling with bad housing and homelessness. Did you know that over 100,000 children will be without a home this Christmas? We decided that contributing to a cause that will help make their festive season a little brighter felt like the right thing to do. Last year Shelter responded to 4 million requests for help and it spends 80% of donations directly on providing that support. Phenomenal work!




new adventures for 2018


2018 may see an end to the online magazine due to new adventures, but don’t worry, I will still keep you in the loop with Hot Picks and continue to bring you our tried and tested products and lifestyle choices that keep you feeling phenomenal! For now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my little free magazine, it's been so much fun doing something I love, but now, it's time to rest up before upping the phenomenal stakes and taking my mission to other corners of the world and bring you ladies a show to remember!

As I say in the book, Ladies, It’s time to Phenomenalise! 

Growth and adventure is always on the table, so I'm super excited for the next chapter in my Phenomenal Woman Mission (PWM) journey and I wish you all the same excitement in your own personal journeys. Do take a moment to re-read my book this Christmas and refuel for a super powered 2018, because ladies, It's time to take it to the next level! 

Life is what you make it, don't let it make you!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year and may 2018 be all that you ask for. Put it out there and welcome it all in. You deserve it! Because you are, a Phenomenal Woman!


Love, light and phenomenal blessings,

Kerys Nathan

Editor & CEO - PWM International