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We are taking the Phenomenal Woman Mission International and are travelling across the globe to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We are super excited to put our international aid programme in place with our schools courses and workshops for women and children in South East Asia. 


The Phenomenal Woman Mission is an advocate for educating all women to recognise and celebrate their abilities and helping them work to their full potential and live with the freedom of choice. We are also passionate about raising awareness on situations that affect so many women such as, emotional abuse, depression, discrimination and proper health care. Our aim is to educate, inspire, motivate, empower and create change by providing valuable support for women who need it. 

The Phenomenal Woman Mission in the UK provides a variety of courses, workshops, events and retreats that work towards training and empowering your greater self and it is the proceeds from these events that enable us to take the mission international so as to help those in dire need; especially where education, healthcare and opportunity are severely lacking for women. We believe every woman deserves the right to an education, the right to be respected, the right to choose and the right to be valued for who they are. We believe that every woman has the potential for massive growth and therefore, the opportunity to change the world. It all starts with a mindset and it continues with vision and education. Our passion for these fundamentals and our mission allow this to happen.


So for everyone who is fortunate enough to be able to buy one of our courses or attend one of our events or retreats, not only are you empowering and educating yourself to living a life that serves you, but you are also helping to serve those less privileged and who desperately need our support. Next year we will be heading to South East Asia to help educate young ladies and women to bring them something that will enable them to potentially make a difference for themselves and other women in their country. It is an immense project, but a very fulfilling one and every penny shared here is another life served there. 

We aim to inspire, educate and motivate all women to break free from the chains that bind them and rebuild lives that serve them. It's time to grow our self esteem, educate our minds, action on the possibilities of change and put an end to limited living. If you would like to get involved, collaborate, or offer your services to help our mission, so that we can continue to build the good work we do, please get in touch. We would absolutely love to hear from you. 

"No woman should ever be broken by any one, or anything, whether it be physically or emotionally! Women should in this day and age have equal rights and not be persecuted for simply being a woman .....I believe that discovering our unique soul purpose and our value in this world is the first step to breaking free and creating a life that serves positively. I intend to help others see that they are worthy and supported and work to bring true value back in to their lives. I want to lift that dark veil that blinds so many from their true nature and let them know that they are much needed and that no one ever needs to put up with negativity, abuse or bullying of any kind!" - Kerys Nathan, PWM CEO

The PWM Plan

"I am currently putting together my first 'Phenomenal Woman' workshop programme for South East Asia and South Africa, where I endeavour to use specifically tailored educational, creative and motiational techniques to help young women realise potential. I aim to implement neccessary actions in schools that will affect real change in these communities. My objective is to help elevate the next generation of women and to equip them with the tools they need to create a better life for themselves. My intention is to start the process of educating and inspiring women to go on and educate our younger generation in a way that will enable a more profitable and sustainable future. Environment is everything, but if you are not presented with opportunity, or have limited resources, what chance do you realistically have to thrive?

My wish is that every woman around the world has at least the knowledge they need to change their world and therefore a real opportunity to do something about the unfortunate environment they may unwittingly find themselves in. No matter how small the change, every little really does help! Doesn't every girl and woman have the right to know that they are Phenomenal? If you would like to support or sponsor the mission then please do get in touch. I would absolutely love to hear from you. Thank you."

Kerys Nathan - PWM CEO

PWM raises money to help take our educational and motivational services worldwide and to support and partner with other charities that benefit women's issues around the globe. It's time to bring freedom of choice and privilege to every Woman! Your contribution to our causes is greatly appreciated.


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