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Phenomenal Living, an international lifestyle resource that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, travel, culture and entertainment. Our aim is to share lifestyle and product recommendations that help you live a phenomenal life.    We focus on the philosophy of living a life that serves, therefore celebrating each other, supporting charity and motivating across the board, is absolutely at the heart of everything we do. Phenomenal Living is designed to quickly and effortlessly help you discover what you need. No fuss, no frills, just a little black book of Phenomenalisation.

Phenomenal Living, an international lifestyle resource that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, travel, culture and entertainment. Our aim is to share lifestyle and product recommendations that help you live a phenomenal life.

We focus on the philosophy of living a life that serves, therefore celebrating each other, supporting charity and motivating across the board, is absolutely at the heart of everything we do. Phenomenal Living is designed to quickly and effortlessly help you discover what you need. No fuss, no frills, just a little black book of Phenomenalisation.



Welcome to the Autumn issue of Phenomenal Living Magazine. I do hope you all enjoyed your summer and that you have created lots of lovely memories throughout the season. In July I was fortunate enough to travel through the beautiful and romantic country of Italy and had a wonderful time. The food, the culture, the fashion, the towns, the countryside and the beach, plus all the wonderful new discoveries I found along the way, made for an absolutely phenomenal trip.

I am super grateful to be able to travel and work again, after being so poorly for so long last year and what with travel being my other long time love, I am super happy to see that even when when life takes away, it absolutely gives back in abundance at some point along the way. My patience was definitely worth it. How about you ladies (& gents) Did you manage to travel this summer? I hope you did and had a great time, but if not, don't worry, how about making a lan to or a dream list like I do every month. Check out my Autumn city break ideas below in the Travel section. I'll be reporting on some fabulous beach fun in the sun options in the Winter Issue.

As always in our Beauty section we’ve got lots of lovely skin care treats we’ve checked out for you, the latest in fashion trends, some great books to add to your motivational collections, plus a few ideas on where to go in our What’s On section. It’s not easy transitioning from Summer soiree’s to Winter woolies, but do keep those phenomenal fires burning ladies by getting out there and enjoying the wonders the World has to offer. For what is life if you don’t truly live it? Why not make it your mission this month to do something different? Perhaps you’re itching to step out of your comfort zone right now, (I know I am!) or maybe you just want to try being be a little more adventurous? Either way, stay phenomenal by making a decision to do so! Why not learn something totally new this season? Or go out of your way to help someone else to do the same. There really is no greater reward than inspiring others to be more and then sitting back and watching them fly. This is what phenomenal behaviour looks like and it becomes Such joy for everyone. Let's make this season the time we think of others and become our greater elves (as I say in the book!).

But for now ladies, I'm off to work on my next book and film so as always, I wish you a totally phenomenal Autumn season of course and remember, take care of yourselves and each other! Oh and why not look fabulous whilst doing it. That’s the phenomenal way right. Enjoy reading this issue and I will see you all in December. Stay special, stay phenomenal!


With the wicked weather changes on their merry way, I thought I’d put up some ideas on how to protect yourself from that wintery autumn breeze and how to keep the beast that is dry, dull, flaky skin at bay. People often ask me how I keep my skin looking so young, fresh and radiant? (always a massive compliment for a woman veering at top speed towards her 50’s) mostly I reply with a 'It’s in the ‘Genes,’ However, there are definitely some phenomenal products that I couldn't live without when it comes to maintaining that natural ‘glow.'

hot PICKS   

The Clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanser, with orange extract, is a spa-fresh exfoliating facial cleanser that polishes-away make-up, tackles clogged pores and embedded impurities in one time-saving step to reveal the glowing skin beneath. The orange extract works to soften the skin and refresh and revive. Ingredients include moringa seed extract (anti-pollution and purification benefits) helping to restore natural radiance. Simply a gorgeous, refreshing morning face wash and exfoliator that has make up resting nicely on your skin afterwards. I love it! It’s also the perfect size to accompany me on my travels too!

One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract

This is a gorgeous beauty boost for when your skin looks tired or feels fragile. With healing properties such a mimosa tenuiflora extract, this repair serum visibly minimises any redness, heals, softens and gets your skin right back on track. Just add 3-5 drops to your regular moisturiser, masks, serum or foundation and let the magic happen. It feels absolutely fabulous, (it’s one of my favourite nighttime treats) and a little goes a really long way. Bonus. I really do love this simple treatment - even though I made the mistake of using it all by itself the first time in my eagerness to try it! Was all good though, no breakouts (it is a strong product) just simply phenomenally smooth, plumped, repaired skin.

This really is a 10-minute miracle worker! With cell boosting plant extracts that instantly refresh the skin, Clarin’s really pulled this one out the bag. I seriously can’t get enough of it. I wake up with younger looking and incredibly moisturised skin. I had to take a double take in the mirror at my beautifully flawless skin the first time I used it. In fact it’s so good, that make up can take a back seat on mask days, so thats always a plus and a huge time saver. For a superbly fresh and flawless way to get through the autumn, just add 3 drops of the booster serum to it at night and you’ve got yourself a phenomenal treatment that truly works. And together they feel great!


Whilst on my travels through Italy, I really enjoyed trying out various new products as well. Here are 3 fab items that will definitely continue to make an appearance in my beauty bag or decorate my dressing table.

icon icon

Feminine and sexy! The double G brings us a seductive and phenomenal scent. With top notes of pink pepper, heart notes of lilac and base notes of patchouli and amber, what’s not to love about this spicy, fresh and seductively warm perfume from Gucci. Strong, sleek and classy, this Gold, square-shaped bottle, is super easy to pack and also looked absolutely divine in my boutique hotel bathroom.

A sexy little scent that went beautifully well with my wonderfully amorous Italian adventure. Fancy spicing up your collection? Then why not grab yourself a touch of class with this little gem of a 1oz bottle here for only £37!

I’m already a massive Sabon user and am clearly addicted! So this summer I took the Jasmine Body Gel polisher with me on my holiday. Its paraben free, yay, and is packed full with dead sea salts and fruit seeds that cleanse, refresh and gently exfoliate. It smells absolutely divine and leaves your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bum. Literally! You’ll get lots of “Oh my, you smell gorgeous’ compliments too!

A refreshing travel companion, as always, and for only a fiver, you can grab yourself a lovely little 30ml bottle, with pump dispenser and lock, to stop it leaking all over your suitcase. Perfect. It's little touches like this that count! Total Winner!

As always, a little Lady Chanel accompanies me on my travels, but on this occasion, I decided to up the volume with the magic wand of Le Volume De Chanel Mascara. Yes, to instant volume with one stoke! and longer, plumper, thicker lashes! Plus this is one mascara that will last you a very long time. One coat is seriously enough! Unless of course you want to look more Coco the clown, than Coco Chanel! And there in lies my only qualm with this mascara - It’s not waterproof! Yes, it stays on perfectly all day, but when travelling through the Italian countryside with hay fever or flu, this little Lady was definitely not the one! If you don’t sneeze or cry though, it’s perfect.



gold beauty products.jpg

Who knew Gold was more than just a money making property! Well it would seem that it’s also an anti-aging, antioxidant ingredient that can reduce inflammation, brighten skin and quite literally give you that golden glow. Excellent! (I’m thinking more Golden goddess, rather than the not so phenomenal ‘you’ve been tangoed vibe).

Especially popular with the Hollywood set during Red carpet season, it was also popular with the Geisha’s for their daily routine. (Now these ladies really knew how to take care of their skin for that perfect look). So, if you fancy slathering your face or body with Gold this Autumn and why not, we’ve found a couple of nice products that sit at both ends of the Gold penny spending spectrum.

If price is really no barrier, then flash the Gold credit card (I’m assuming you have one if you're willing to part with this amount of cash on a facial) and go for Gold - literally! with OroGold's gorgeous 24K Nano Night Recovery. Using nanotechnology, this serum is a mix of gold particles, seaweed extract, sunflower seed oil and peptides. It does however, clock in at a vault-worthy $1,500 per ounce. Wowza! Or, you could always go for the 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask at the much cheaper price tag of $800!

Ok, let’s get realistic for a minute, If you do fancy adding a touch of Golden decadence to your weekly beauty routine and are looking for something a little less bankruptcy related, then go for Peter Thomas Roth’s popular 24k Gold Mask (150ml) coming in at the reasonable price of only £55. This is a luxurious, anti-ageing Gold mask, enriched with caffeine and glycerin to provide an instant lifting and firming effect. It visibly minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and thankfully, leaves behind nothing but a beautifully radiant and youthful glow - oh and the rest of your ‘Gold pennies’ firmly in your bank account!

Truffles Infusion Brightening Eye Serum



The arrival of Autumn also means the mass invasion of the pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin drinks and of course the ever popular Halloween pumpkin carvings that decorate every street. However, if you’re not a fan of consuming the good stuff, or carving the face of nightmares into the plump orange one, then why not try mashing it into your face instead? Seriously!

With pumpkin-infused skincare products becoming ever popular, due to its anti-inflamatory and anti-ageing properties, we are excited to give this smashing pumpkin a try (not the band, although they’re great too). So how does it work? Well did you know pumpkins contain enzymes that help to kill bacteria, excellent! Plus these nstural enzymes break down debris and grease on the skin and therefore, leave you with a much brighter, healthier complexion. They also minimises breakouts, white heads, black heads, prevents acne, removes excess oil and contain Vitamins A, C and E. Tripple bonus points go to pumpkin therapy! So if you're battling troublesome skin, perhaps a little pumpkin power could be right up your street! Or should I say on your face.

Personally, I love to eat pumpkin and this sure could be a fun and eco friendly way to get rid of all those rotten little pumkins long after Halloween is done. However, if scraping actual flesh straight out of the pumpkin isn’t for you and you do fancy trying out a nice little product that will give you a lot more phenomenal than phantom this Autumn, then check out some of the hot products we discovered below:

Smashing Good Pumkins Face and Body clay by Perfectly Posh. Homemade pumkin pie by Philosophy, pumkin lotion by Arcona and pumkin enzyme mask by Peter Thomas Roth.

st3724-1_0 (1).jpg (UK)



See-through Macs for a little extra 'Extra!'

This month sees a fashion foray of favourite trends grace the catwalk, with the hottest designers around the World pulling together absolutely phenomenal collections to send down the runway.

Looking ahead at the Autumn/Winter season it would certainly seem that there will be no dark or dull winter woolly’s here my fashonista’s. This season, red is the official colour for Autumn and the more of it the better (check out these phenomenal Fendi reds on the rght - loving these). If red’s not really your thing, then how about these gliteratti boots from YSL? Fabulously attention grabbing in their ‘glitter is the new white shade.’ Glitter never looked so chic.



With power suits and shoulder pads, fur and florals, 70’s plaid and triangular bags, plus vintage coats, leather trenches and see-through macs (yes see-through!) all in the mix, there’s definitely some thing in extra-ordinary in store for every taste. Oh and if you’re in to hats (other than some rather unattractive bucket hats from Gucci) Dior delightfullu bring you the stylish and strong leather beret! So go get your Queen Bey ‘Formation’ on and slay in this seasons hottest head wear.


Rock the Red carpet in Fendi 


YSL Glitter Glam Boots

NORDSTROM - This fall, accessorize your look with statement makers.


Laughter Yoga 2.jpg


Happiness is an inside job, so why not find a wonderful way to keep that happy flow going. Fancy a little giggle with your Gomukhasana? Then check out Laughter Yoga. The name itself already makes me happy. A combination of deep breathing and laughter exercises, laughter yoga helps to oxygenate the body and brain and reduce stress levels. This in itself will provide you with more energy, keep your organs healthy and strengthen your immune system phenomenally.

Developed by Dr Madan Kataria from India, laughter yoga is fast becoming a popular pastime. ‘Based on the scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter, laughter is Initiated as a simple body exercise and soon turns into real and contagious laughter.’ Fantastic!

Laughter is such a positive energy and helps to change your perspective, alongside helping you to naturally create a positive mental state. Laughter yoga encourages people to truly connect with and enjoy each other, which I believe is the most important activity we should all be engaging in on a daily basis. It’s why we’re all here right? It’s good to talk, but it’s even better to have a good old belly laugh. Especially whilst trying to hold tricanassa! You might just have to work a little harder on your balance technique to keep from falling over, but hey just think of the extra muscles you’ll be working out in order to do so. Phenomenal way to stay healthy and happy. Just keep calm everyone and carry on laughing.

Find a club near you



When fashion house Hermes create a new bag for you just because your husband, purposely, ran over the woven basket you were previously using. CEO of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas, created the now most popular bag of all time on a flight sick bag, whilst sitting next to the wonderful actress, singer and songwriter Jane Birkin. True Story!

To hear more wonderful stories and to celebrate a career spanning five-decades, join the lady herself at The Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Saturday, 23 September.



A retrospective exhibition with over 100 pieces from Anna Sui’s archive that explores how her signature rock-n-roll romanticism reinvented pop culture for a new generation.

With themes that include Fairytale, Nomad, Victorian, Mod, Punk, Grunge, Androgyny, Americana, Surfer and Schoolgirl, there is certainly something fabulous for every fashionista.

Check out the exhibition which runs from 26th May - 1st October 2017

11:00 - 18:00 Ticket Price: £9.90

With over 100 pieces crafted by the ‘master of couture,' including a replica of his iconic cape-skirt (which you get to try on!) our phenomenal assistant Eesha was lucky enough to go and check out the Balenciaga exhibition this summer.

‘A stunning exhibition with classic dresses and mesmerising designs shaped to perfection and with handwritten letters from Cristóbal Balenciaga, you will discover how his influence truly shaped the fashion industry.'

V&A until until February 18th.


Originally opened in 1913, The Rivoli Ballroom-Cinema will be showing some great films over the Autumn season, including some like it Hot, Oceans 11, plus a little horror for Halloween. For a little nostalgic decadence check out this authentic venue here.


Follow Alice down the rabbit hole in Christopher Wheeldon’s beautifully exuberant ballet. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s much-loved book, Alice's Adventures at the Opera House are surely going to be phenomenal.

27th September- 28th October.


Bringing together 60 pieces of Dalí and Duchamp’s phenomenal works, including sculptures, paintings and photographs. If you are a Dali fan, this is not to be missed.

Weston Galleries, Burlington House. 7 October 2017 — 3 January 2018.

Click photos to go to website links


Follow the trail and take a colourful walk this October at Hever Castle - The childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Have a traditional British afternoon tea, or some refreshments at the Japanese tea house. Lounge by the lake and why not extend your visit by spending a relaxing night at their five star B&B. Running from 1-29 October, further info and prices can be found as always by clicking the picture above.


Following in Paris’s Nuit Blanche footsteps, a three day biannual festival arrives in London. Museums and galleries are set to open their doors after hours for Halloween themed tours, events and workshops. A phenomenal chance to explore London’s culture in a darker, more mysterious light. Some museums will have free entry and events run from Thursday 26th- Saturday 28th October 2017.



With November just round the wintery corner, why not make it a special occasion? Plan a perfectly fabulous firework's night this year in advance and make Guy Faulkes a night to truly remember.

Whether you're having a party at home, or looking for somewhere serving up delicious bonfire cuisine, there's always something so romantic about fireworks and if you add a little champagne, food, music and a great group of friends, well I’d say you're on to a winner. Why not pull of all the stops and make this particular festival of light a phenomenal one.


Diwali, a five-day festival of light, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. With an event organised by the major of London, this Autumn sees Trafalgar Square turned into it's very own DIwali festival with a street food market, dance, yoga, henna and lots and lots of love and light. Oh and no tickets required! Why not come along on Sunday 15the October between 1pm-7pm. Bring the whole family and share in the wonderful celebration that is Diwali.



A tale of two cities that deliver an abundance of magical culture in a colourfully enlightening way. If you fancy being whisked away for a long spa weekend to a magical place, then look no further than the exotic and exciting spirit of Morrocoo’s capital Marrakesh, or the majestically masked and romantic island of Venice. We’ve checked them both out for those that fancy a phenomenal weekend away this Autumn. Check out our hotel selections below.



With red mud medina palaces and seething souqs, lodged beneath snow-capped mountains, Marrakech holds the most enticing of experience's.

Situated on the edge of the Sahara dessert, this southern market town is just bursting at the seams with colourful intensity. From its increcible historic heritage, to its modern entrepreneurialism, Marrakesh is truly an exciting and flourishing city with a superbly seductive soul.


Get lost in the aromas of musk and amber wafting from abundant souks, let storytellers, dancers, orange squeezers and snake charmers mesmorize you and indulge in a hands on scrub down at a local hamman. Discover the thousand and one faces of Marrakesh, whether in the shade of a palm tree, or the narrow alleys of the Medina, come and effortlessly travel between tradition and modernity and just let yourself succumb to the charm of this mythical city.

When to go: Autumn is a great time to go when the soaring summer heat subsides and gives way to a more comfortable sight seeing temperature. But, if you go in winter, the days are still warm but the evenings are cool, giving you an excellent excuse to book that room with a fireplace for a romantic evening in your home away from home.

THE MANDARIN ORIENTAL - At the top of the budget is a fantastic 6 star hotel offering all manner of luxury. Overlooking the Atlas mountains and set in 20 hectares, the Mandarin Oriental is made up of private villas set in splendid rose gardens with Berber swimming pools & hot tubs. There are also 7 feature rooftop plunge pools, several restaurants and bars, a fitness centre, bike hire, a golf course and a spa and wellness centre with an indoor pool and treatments available. A great choice for a special occassion and apparently, they have the best cocktails in town! I hear that the red julab is amazing!


For a lot of luxury and a lot less money than the Mandarin, head to the Sofitel and get in some lovely poolside lounging in. Here, you will find all the usual Sofitel amenities such as a French-Mediterranean restaurant (with terrace) plus 2 further international restaurants and 5 bars - 2 of which are outside so you can enjoy a warm evening autumn cocktail or two.


For something much more traditional and a truly beautiful home away from home, then check out the Riad Kniza in the market place, right in the centre of the Medina. Created by one of city’s renowned antique dealers and celebrity tour guides Haj Mohamed, here is a truly authentic moroccan experience set in luxurious comfort with culture in abundance. This riad offers a restaurant and rooftop breakfast, a small outdoor pool, a bar/lounge area and live music during the evenings.

What we love is that the Riad Kniza is peaceful enough for a romantic getaway, yet central enough to be right in the thick of it all. Perfect balance of tranquility, history and real cultural immersion here. Oh and you might bump into a celebrity or two here too. Brad pitt, Jennifer Anniston and previous presidents have all enjoyed staying at this spot.


An oasis of calm tucked away in the Kasbah, this upmarket art-deco-riad-style hotel welcomes you with open arms, oh and mint tea and moroccan pastries too! (Always a good thing). This very stylish hotel features beautiful rooms with courtyard views and suites with separate living areas, fireplaces and whirlpool tubs.

Amenities include an upscale Asian restaurant, rooftop bar and bar/lounge area with a mountain-view terrace. There is also an outdoor pool, hot tub and spa offering beauty and massage treatments. (Full breakfasts and airport transfers are all free). I particularly like the design of this place, with each room (whilst celebrating the art-deco period) managing to blend contemporary style with true moroccan tradition. It’s a real little gem of a place. I'm looking forward to visiting soon.



Luxury, Love and shopping! Ah, the wonderful island of Venice, a unique and magical place that never loses its ability to enchant. An exquisite city, miraculously built on water, Venezia, as known by the locals, is more than a simple tourist trap, it is a phenomenal place where art, architecture, food, music and fashion flow together side by side as effortlessly as the Gondola’s navigate its canals.

From the larger palazzo’s to the secret campi‘s, there is always something surprising to discover in this intricate and beautiful maze of a city. With lively neighbourhood wine bars, traditional Italian trattoria’s and historic and contemporary art galleries and museums galore, Venice offers you a wonderfully romantic world of adventure all bound up in a watery maze of an island.

Spending this summer travelling through Italy and its many wonderful cities, I finally rocked up in good old Venice and fell in love with it all over again. Well, that was after I was able to take a mental moment away from the hustle and bustle that summer tourists bring and finally move myself into a much more fabulous hotel than I had previously booked. (The one I initially booked had me running for the nearest vaporetto back to the station). Once settled in the beautiful Bauer Hotel, fronted by the Grand canal, with views to die for and a stream of handsome Gondola punting men at the doorstep, I was totally hooked and naturally eased into the islands unique charm. A fantastic few days of adventures and encounters were had and yes, way too much shopping and eating (If you love to shop, then Venice is definitely for you, Chanel stores popping up like local corner stores!) but one thing is for sure, Venezia, my phenomenal Italian charm, I will definitely be back for more!


If you're looking for a long weekend away and fancy discovering what treasures Venice has to offer, then I suggest you go in the Autumn or Spring, when the rooms are much cheaper and the city is reclaimed by the wonderful Venetians rather than tourists. Being a part of a culture when more of the locals are actually there really does make all the difference.

Here are some of the hotels I checked out whilst there that definitely make my phenomenal list. From the grandest to a chic little option, all have wonderful facilities and locations that will have you wanting to stay.

An excitingly frantic city with a surprisingly tranquil and romantic charm.


Well the gorgeous Aman Hotel on the Grand Canal certainly doesn’t fall short on the luxury stakes! That would be because it is the only 7 star hotel on the island. Oh and George Clooney’s choice of wedding venue. Nice! It is of course at the very top of our budget options. However, it's absolutely phenomenal, as you’d expect and deserves a little look.

Don't worry if your purse has no intention of stretching to a nights stay in one of their incredible suites (at least £998 a night) don’t despair, choose option B - jump in a gondola and head over there for a superb dinner. Prices aren’t too bad and it is really deliciously romantic.

Mr & Mrs Clooney

Mr & Mrs Clooney

CORTI DI GABRIELA - If Venetian brocade-and-chandelier style doesn’t appeal to you then this contemporary four-star boutique hotel built onto an historic framework provides a refreshing alternative. With wonderful design pieces, vivid colours, exposed beams, and some original ceiling frescoes, this secluded, yet centrally located hotel (15 mins to Rialto Bridge) oozes what I’d call industrial chic. An intimate and welcoming, environmentally friendly, home away from home. (£233 pn)

The Bauer Palazzo (£178 pn)

The Bauer offers pretty much everything you need whilst in Venice. With its old-fashioned elegance and contemporary design, blended beautifully by the way, this fabulously Grand hotel has the most outstanding reception area I've seen. Guests also benefit from a large gym, a memorable Italian restaurant, fantastic staff, plus a rooftop and patio bar, both blessed with wide open views across the Grand Canal to the Santa Maria Della Salute. Lovely spot for drinks with friends or a loved one. There is also a smaller canal running alongside the hotel where you can pick up a fancy gondola and take a much more glamourous and quicker route to the nearest bank with a history lesson to boot. Thanks Luca! The Bauer is in an unbeatable location, just moments from the famous St Mark's Square and surrounded by luxury boutiques (Chanel, Dior and the such like are right on your doorstep). I had a wonderful time here, the rooftop bar at night is fabulous fun and much hilarity was had lounging on the giant Gold sofa in the reception area with a bunch of rowdy and insanely fun Americans. Great atmosphere here.

Hotel L'Orologio - With a minimal-retro feel to its rooms, suites and apartments, this stylish addition to Venice’s hotel scene is located on the Grand Canal, behind the marvellous Rialto produce market. Perfect for those choosing to stay in one of the apartments and experiment with making a little Italian cuisine of their own. It's discreet and homely, but handy for visiting all the major sights. Only one bridge away from the nearest vaporetto stop,this spot is a nice little option for a slightly cheaper stay in Venetian wonderland. (£128 pn)


Now for something totally different! If you're looking for something a little less in the thick of it, then check out the JW Marriott. A large hotel complex that sits on its very own private island in the venetian lagoon. Yes how phenomenal is that! Here at the Marriott you will find full on contemporary luxury in a hotel that boasts its own Spa complex, outside pool and hot tub, 4 restaurants, 2 bars, a church, manicured gardens, cooking lessons, plus your very own bike to ride around the island. There is also a 2-bedroom villa with private pool available. Boat shuttles to the main island, bikes and breakfast are all complimentary. Oh and did I mention, your very own James Bond style entrance! Phenomenal!

If you fancy a weekend of relaxed luxury (with the hustle and bustle of the city only a 15 minute boat ride away, then this place is definitely for you. The perfect way to see Venice from your own private island and a phenomenal place to unwind and play.

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Fancy a gold body wrap with Champagne to help banish visible signs of ageing and boost cell renewal? Well here's afabulous luxury treatment from the Bamford Haybarn Spa at London’s Berkely hotel. Using the protective properties of Gold, grape and Champagne, this little number will leave you with beautifully smooth skin and feeling like the Queen that you are.


Ladurée team up with fashion house Marni to create stylish macarons fit for a diva that fuse food and fashion. Perfect! Made from premium ingredients and covered in thin sheets of gold leaf, Ladurée serve up another chic option for a special occasion that will definitely have your guests talking long after the party is over.

£100 per box


A beautifully floral perfume containing 24K Gold flakes. With top notes of Bulgarian rose and mid-tones of tuberose and asian jasmine, this gorgeous diamond shaped bottle, housing gold flecks, is simply beautiful. It has been said that Gold carries positively charged energy and good fortune, so that gets a huge thumbs up and double phenomenal points from us.


Full of fantastic facts, this illustrated book provides children with an introduction to some of the greatest women of all time - and reveals their actions that shaped and changed the world. A Great read for you and your little ladies.

A timeless classic that holds the key to everything you wish to accomplish. This book reveals the secret to personal wealth and delivers great financial advice through a collection of parables set in ancient Babylon.

Rewire your brain and achieve healthier thought patterns for a better quality of life. A three-step guide to learn how to take charge of your mind and banish negative thoughts, habits, and anxiety - in just 21 days! Bring it on I say!



Over the summer I was fortunate enough to provide my services as a media, photography, enterprise and drama practitioner for NCS (National Citizen Challenge). Overall I had a fantastic time working with so many young people and providing them with invaluable training and then going out and sharing those learned skills with various community partners and organisations. One of the community projects that deeply touched me was having the opportunity to go into various dementia care homes and spend truly valuable time with all the wonderful elderly people and their fantastic carers. Myself and the young people involved were greatly moved by what dementia does to the elderly and their families and also by the incredible work the nurses do there. Their work and efforts are so very important to making life a little less difficult for people at this stage and it was a pleasure to watch how beautifully they dealt with every situation. It was deeply emotional, but at the same time truly inspiring to know that in some small way, we too were able to bring a few more smiles and therefore comfort to these gorgeous elderly people’s faces.

I feel so proud to have worked on such a project and to have learned more about dementia and its heart breaking effects. So, this month, my charity aware focus is of course on dementia care. Please do take a moment of your own busy lives to find out more about this crippling illness, that can affect each and every one of us in some way. Dementia UK is a charity that provides an invaluable service and supporting their work is invaluable to the lovely people that need it. Please do stop by the website and see how you too can provide for others in a really special way.

Do something valuable forsomeone else today. That’s the phenomenal way!

Thank you.



Coming in December!

Lots of lovely Winter ideas to bring you a phenomenal Christmassy season.

Love, light and phenomenal blessings till then.

Kerys Nathan
CEO & PLM Editor